Joio Fae Abertawe #gartref
Gweld Mwy
BLOG | March 24, 2020

Mae Cyngor Abertawe wedi canslo neu ohirio'r holl ddigwyddiadau diwylliant a thwristiaeth a drefnwyd yn uniongyrchol ganddynt tan ddiwedd mis Awst.

Mae’r digwyddiadau a ohiriwyd yn cynnwys Sioe Awyr Cymru ar 4-5 Gorffennaf a Gŵyl Arbennig Abertawe ym mis Gorffennaf. Gohiriwyd y Sioe Deithiol Aer Glân yng nghanol y ddinas  ar 20 Mehefin a dau ddigwyddiad theatr awyr agored yng Nghastell Ystumllwynarth ym mis Awst nes clywir yn wahanol.

Robert Francis-Davies, the council’s cabinet member for investment, regeneration and tourism, said: “We’ve made this decision to cancel or postpose council-organised events based on advice from Government and Public Health Wales. We’ll review the August end date on a regular basis.

“We haven’t taken this decision lightly but the situation is now compelling. Trying to curtail the spread of the virus along with maintaining the health and wellbeing of our staff, public, suppliers and the emergency services is paramount.

“We face possibly the most challenging situation that any of us has ever faced and we’re sure that event businesses and supporters will understand this decision.

“We know the importance of public events organised by the council but, for now, it’s essential that we do what we can to reduce the spread of the virus.

“This decision will reduce the risk of loss of life and will allow us to get back to putting on events as quickly as possible.

“At present, we’re advising our external event providers that they must satisfy themselves that they are doing all they need to in order to meet the Government  guidelines and to safeguard the public. We will continue to review this in partnership with them as the situation evolves.”

Mae Tîm Digwyddiadau Cyngor Abertawe ar gael o hyd i roi cyngor a chefnogaeth i fusnesau partner. E-bost: special.events@abertawe.gov.uk

Gohiriwyd gwasanaethau’r cyngor a gynigir gan leoliadau megis amgueddfeydd, orielau, cyfleusterau chwaraeon a hamdden awyr agored a theatrau’r wythnos diwethaf.

Mwy o wybodaeth: www.swansea.gov.uk/coronavirusadvice.